If you can’t handle the sass, you can’t handle the ass

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me doing a power point presentation in class

me doing a power point presentation in class

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I know its a little early but

Jingle Bell Rock w/ my mom

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magic conch shell should i start my homework


the conch has spoken

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artists: I got bored, so I drew this amazing picture.
musicans: I got bored, so I wrote a new hit song.
gif-people: I got bored, so I put up this gif-set that really shows their feelings.
photoshopers: I got bored, so I edited this picture and made it even more awesome than it was at first.
writers: I got bored, so I wrote this incredibe fanfiction.
me: I got bored, so I refreshed my dashboard.

I don’t even know… #happyeaster #firstkeek #newbie #followme #andstuff


when you see your most favorite-ist people come online


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Dat Face. <3

Dat Face. <3

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get popcorn
get tissues
watch all the auditions
watch the boot camp videos
watch first performance of torn
watch all the video diaries
laugh until i pee my pants
watch the year in the making
watch some random interviews
finely watch the Up All Night DVD
think about how far the boys have come in 2 years
jump around until my mom yells at me

Prayer circle for a twitcam tomorrow!